Academic Mobbing.

Mobbing is an example par excellence of what is meant by infrapolitics: something that sub-ceeds politics proper, something that can never reach the threshold and must remain unavowable, for good or bad.  In this case, for bad.  The article below by Eve Seguin is one of the best I have ever read on academic mobbing–and there was a time in my life in which I read everything I could find on it.  It is frighteningly precise and accurate, and therefore it serves an important purpose: those who read it will have no way of avoiding the recognition of the phenomenon when they see it, and will be confronted with a need to take a position.  Infrapolitics will then press the line of the political, and will expose people to what they really are, inescapably.  Why is it that the university is one of the places where friendship is harder to come by, where relationships of many years are constantly subject to betrayal, where, literally, one can never be sure things are what they are supposed to be?   The article by Seguin helps understand why.  And it may help people understand what is happening or may happen to them if they happen to confront the powers that be–not the deans, not the chair, not the provost: just the everyday hegemony of any given academic situation–in just the wrong way.

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