A Note about this Blog

This blog was started a few years ago as a public interface for a facebook group self-identified as the Infrapolitical Deconstruction Collective.   The discussion took off in facebook and other social networks, which were our primary venues for conversation.  As it became obvious only a few people affiliated to that Collective were using the blog, we changed its name to Infrapolitical Deconstruction.   Only recently, that is, in March 2019, the Infrapolitical Deconstruction Collective decided it was time to initiate another phase of the project and dissolve the group as such, so that people could go ahead and develop their own writing in their own names and without any need for the use of a first person plural.  In the meantime, interests both theoretical and political had naturally diversified.  This blog remains open to former members of the group and others, but we wish to make it clear that its contents are no longer, and have not for a time been, necessarily designed to explore the specificity of what we have been calling infrapolitics. The exploration of infrapolitics remains as a major task for some of us, but it will only receive partial attention here.

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